Why Register?

You've invested in a vintage football helmet. Now protect it with an AntiqueFootball Helmet Registration. Registering a helmet with the AntiqueFootball Vintage Helmet Registry provides numerous benefits:

Registration Privledges


AntiqueFootball is the only collector resource dedicated to researching the history of American football equipment. Our helmet registration certificate will authenticate your helmet and provide manufacturer, model, and dating information utilizing our extensive manufacturer catalog database.

Create an Insurance Record

Will your insurance company compensate you for the fair market value of a lost or stolen vintage helmet? Registering your helmet creates an independent third-party record of the condition of your helmet that can be used to determine its value.

Theft Prevention/ Recovery

Every vintage helmet is unique, and proper documentation of your helmet's uniqueness provides valuable data for law enforcement recovery if it's ever stolen. AntiqueFootball will post alerts to the collecting community if notified that any registered helmet has been stolen.

If something happened to you would your family know the value of your collection? Each registered helmet is supplied with an AntiqueFootball identification tag engraved with a unique QR code link to your personal registry webpage. With a simple smart phone scan an authorized family member or executor can have instant access to your registration information and our contact information should they need assistance valuing your collection.

Help the Hobby

Unlike other sports collectibles, vintage football helmets have suffered from the lack of a comprehensive database of styles and surviving examples. Registering your helmet provides the collector community with a global resource for determining rarity and relative value of all examples. Registering will also help AntiqueFootball improve our understanding of helmet evolution and continue to provide new, free research to the collector community.

AntiqueFootball will take professional-grade photos of your helmet in our studio, post them on your personal helmet page and Helmet Grading Certificate, and send you the image files for your records and use. High-quality photos are a proven way to increase sale value!

Your Helmet Grading Certificate provides a comprehensive condition analysis of your helmet and assigns a numerical grade based on our methodical Helmet Grading Protocol. We'll provide you with an original certificate, digital scan, and online upload to our online AntiqueFootball Helmet Registry. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Your personal information will never be stored online in any manner, and will not be shared without your consent.

Along with your registration, we'll prepare a personalized registry certificate webpage, complete with a photo slideshow and 360-degree Arqspin viewer to showcase your helmet. You'll also receive a custom bronze AntiqueFootball helmet hang tag, laser-engraved with a QR code link to your personal helmet page.

How many times have you purchased a vintage helmet only to discover that the description was inaccurate or incomplete? AntiqueFootball's helmet grading certificate provides prospective purchasers with an independent third-party evaluation of your helmet that can increase bidding confidence and selling price. Along with your registration certificate, we'll create an online registry page for your helmet that you can use during discussions with potential purchasers. We'll also send you digital copies of our professional grade photos that you can use in online auction descriptions should you ever decide to sell.

Estate Planning

Increased Value

Comprehensive Evaluation

Professional-Grade Photography

Custom Helmet Page

Helmet Registry Database

Your helmet will be added to our comprehensive online helmet registry database, providing valuable information to the collector community.

Certificate Example

Personal Registry Page Example

Our helmet registration process is fast and easy. We guarantee a 14-day turn-around on your registration and the safe return of your helmet. Click on our Helmet Registration link to get started today! If you have other questions, contact us using the link below!

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Maximize Return on Your Investment

You've decided to sell but don't want to take chances with low bid prices on eBay or pay exorbitant auction house premiums? Simply notify us of your intent to sell or accept offers, and we'll post your helmet on our "For Sale by Owner" page. We'll help broker transactions with other advanced collectors for a minimal fee.

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Smart Phone w/
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AF Helmet Hang Tag with Custom QR Code

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